A social management experience.

This PC management game was my first project for a client, and a great experience in working with a big group as a designer. The client is a researcher who found that a lot of new employees leave soon after a merger has taken place. He believed that this is often caused by difference in company culture and work ethics. We (8 HKU students) were tasked with creating an applied game that helps these employees in mergers to feel at home sooner than they usually do, avoiding employee leave and increasing overall happiness.

I did a lot of both game- and graphic- design for Voyage, and I've enjoyed every part of it. To make detailed user scenarios, I had to make some simple 3D models that highlighted specific levels in the game. Those turned into one-pages with detailed descriptions of what would happen in every quest scenario. I also designed the flow of the game screens, from the start menu to the victory screen. On top of that, I made visuals for all the User Interfaces in the game, and wrote a few scripts including the camera transition (downloads a .mov).